A ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Critique


At last, I saw the most recent Star Wars movie. I will say that this was actually a good movie.  Where special effects are concerned, The Force Awakens would earn 4 stars. The droids, non-human and humanoid characters were convincing and brought much-needed life to the worlds.  Supreme Leader Snoke in particular was a masterful example of animation; from his wrinkles to his body language, he was awe-inspiring and believable. In terms of the story, this film rates as a solid 3 1/2 star.

The Force Awakens did not feel like a Star Wars movie.

It is devoid of the fundamental component for these films: the Force.
Yes, it was minorly used as a tool, but there was nothing on the power struggle or balance of the Force from any of the characters. There were no ethical choices for the most part, or ideological struggles. The imperative nature of the Force wasn’t even mentioned. Characters may as easily been discussing how the weather could effect their war.

Granted, most characters didn’t believe in the Force, but a budding Sith Lord in the film mentioned nothing on the topic other than, ‘Woe to me, the dark side is so hard to maintain,’ while other characters flatly acknowledged “It is real. I know, crazy, right?” Where is the platform on which the movies are based? What became of the main theme, which made previous movies an epic, and differentiated the saga from being another action scifi? Drafting old actors from the epic does not an epic make, despite the attempt to rally the audience into believing this was a true Star Wars film. There wasn’t enough substance for those looking for the Star Wars experience.

This was yet another movie of a talented and pretty girl going on an adventure in a shattered universe, but it was not Star Wars.