What is a Cat Cafe?

What is a Cat Cafe?

cat cafe
Cat mocha by Tzejen CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

What is a cat cafe? If this is your first time hearing this term, images evoked may seem confusing and unappealing. Why would cats have anything to do with a café? Twenty-four year old Kanchan Singh, owner of the newly opened cat cafe Crumbs and Whiskers in Washington, D.C., simply explains the cat cafe business as a place to have friends, coffee, and an opportunity to bond and play with adoptable cats for a small fee.

Crumbs and Whiskers is opening June 2015, and Kanchan has partnered with the local humane society to provide feline companions to her business. As for food health regulation concerns, Kanchan has joined forces with a bakery across the street, so no baked goods are made on the premises. In the video below, Kanchan describes her inspiration and process of opening her cat cafe.

The success is simple: people love cats, edibles, and knowing that they are supporting an ethical cause. Aside from bringing happiness to patrons, the cat cafe is a vessel for the dignified adoption of cats. These cafe kitties are never caged, and are more socialized than their counterparts in a traditional adoption center, making them excellent candidates for a forever home.

Are There More Cat Cafes? Will There Be More?

Crumbs and Whiskers is not the only cat cafe in business. The trend first emerged in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998 as a tourist attraction and place of relaxation. Word traveled to Japan, where the internet then made cat cafes a viral phenomenon. Though the current number of cat cafe locations in the USA is few, their positive reception is bound to promote growth. At it’s current rate, we may expect to see a dramatic increase in awareness of ethical treatment of cats and adoption, one latte at a time.

cat cafe
DSC_0162 by Cocoa Dream CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Let us know in the comments below: are you just dying for a cat cafe to open up in your neighborhood? Or, could you live without one?


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