Review of Robin’s Nest Restaurant

The Robin’s Nest: a Hidden Jewel in Mt. Holly

Tiffany Magennis

            To the passerby, Robin’s Nest seems a quaint, but unassuming little building on the corner of downtown Mt. Holly.  Walking into the doorway, however, customers are greeted by a bounty of sweets in a large glass case and thoughtfully laid out shabby chic décor. During my visit, my husband and I were greeted by our smiling hostess, who seated us promptly on the spacious outdoor deck overseeing a rivulet from Rancocas creek. The deck had a relaxed cottage feel, with string lights, umbrellas, and sizeable outdoor bar with seating. I grabbed the opportunity to sample one of the specialty drinks, a Rice Pudding martini, and ordered an appetizer of truffle oil French fries.  The martini was potent and tasted exactly like rice pudding, while the fries were heavenly, albeit a tad greasy with additional oil.

            With appetites whetted from the truffle oil fries, we quickly ordered entrees, a Thai chicken salad and Mahi Mahi fish tacos. Service was moderately paced, which fit the comfortable atmosphere, and our glasses were never empty. When the entrees arrived, we were pleasantly surprised with the crispness of greens in our food and well-proportioned servings.  The tacos were full of fresh, meaty fish and perfectly seasoned; the salad was bursting with vibrant ingredients and had only enough dressing to retain the bounciness of the greens after use. In terms of seasoning, the Thai chicken salad did require some salt, but was otherwise full of flavor.  On the other hand, the tacos needed nothing except the occasional napkin to prevent dripping sauce.

Robin’s Nest is a hidden gem in the Mt. Holly area, and a perfect to spend time with your brood for a satisfying experience in a casual setting. On a five star rating, it would earn four stars, lacking the fifth for servers being a bit too paced and the food somewhat pricey.  However, the atmosphere, unique food, and quirkiness make Robin’s Nest well worth a frequent migration.


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